Michael Cohen and Leigh Raiford Interview

Michael-Cohen-and-Leigh-Raiford Michael Cohen and Leigh Raiford, Professors Berkeley, California, October 17, 2010 On the budget cuts, protests, and riots at UC Berkeley in 2008-09, 35:12 Michael Cohen and Leigh Raiford Clip 01 On the economic collapse in California, 17:51 Michael Cohen and Leigh Raiford Clip 02 We see despair setting in amongst the students. We see that every time they raise student fees...students have to get outside jobs... And I know what that means. It means they’re not doing their homework. They’re not reading what I assign them. They do poorly on their tests. And they become less and less interested in things like history, literature, culture, and are more and more interested in whatever it is that they can do that is going to get them a job, so they can pay off $100,000 worth of loans. Full Interview and Transcript

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  1. Yes I agree I mself will not be interested because instead of me reading and researching about my assignments I’m working for my tuition fee.Time is also important as well as health.I think we should give priority to our students and give programs to students who can’t afford and not to let their future jeopardize.Bringing awareness will do help through social media.

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