Margaret Bodell Interview

Margaret-Bodell Margaret Bodell, Gallerist, Director of Project Storefronts, New Haven, Connecticut, November 18, 2010 On economic decline, urban space, and creative efforts at revitalization, 14:19 Margaret Bodell Clip 01 Being a storefront hugger, I see a storefront and I see possibilities... It has never been easy to convince a landlord to let me come in and do something creative and build a community. Full Interview

One thought on “Margaret Bodell Interview”

  1. Hi Margaret , I’m autodidact artist . I live on 7 Street in NYC since 18 years . I know you , when your gallery was on 7 street , through my old french friend Pierre Jacquemon unfortunate he past away 12 years ago .
    I’m struggling artist . I hope you give me a chance to look at my work I really appreciate your help or your feedback . Thank you so much
    I wish you a happy holiday .
    Artist A. Akhdi
    Tel : 212 533 1996

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