Lesley Karsten-DiNicola Interview

Lesley-Karsten-DiNicola Lesley Karsten-DiNicola, Cantora, Film Maker New York, New York, November 4, 2009 On the current moment in US history, childhood in the shadow of the Holocaust, and coming to political consciousness in the '60s, 16:10 Lesley Karsten-DiNicola Clip 01 I’ll never forget my father one day later in his life. We were driving and he pulled the car over to the side of the road. And he said to me, I hope the ideals that I’ve lived with haven’t been a burden to you. And I thought, No. Actually, they’re the greatest gift you ever could have given me. Though they are a burden. They are also a burden. It was a wise question. Full Interview and Transcript

2 thoughts on “Lesley Karsten-DiNicola Interview”

  1. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks you for sharing your film forgiveness.I would like to send you a check have not yet had a chance to have friends over to screen. Regretably my twin sister was not available to see it while she was here. We have screened it and both my husband and I agree that you are a remarkable film maker the stories were well developed and captivating and we paused it many times to discuss. Thank you.

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