3 thoughts on “Jerry Jacobson Full Interview”

  1. I was a client of Jerry Jacobson’s in the early 1980s. I feel fortunate to have benefited from his professional practice.

  2. I mentioned to a psychoanalytic colleague that I was fortunate to be in a study group with Jerry, and she told me about this interview (probably after “googling” him). Listening to Jerry here, I not only enjoyed learning more about his life and times, but also his wonderful way of dialoguing with his son. There are many psychological, sociological and historical insights in this relatively brief conversation. Thank you!

  3. The Historian’s Eye is a wonderful resource I plan to share with my colleagues. This interview, from start to finish, has everything going for it– the panoramic yet detailed landscape of a particular person’s life, the influences that shape a responsive identity, and the profound insights into what it means to be human as offered by Jerry Jacobson, a person I am ever -grateful to have known in Boulder.

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