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Cyrus McGoldrick Interview

Cyrus-McGoldrick-150x150 Cyrus McGoldrick, Civil Rights Director, Center for American Islamic Relations Harlem, New York, New York, March 24, 2011 On Islamophobia, 34:00 Cyrus McGoldrick Clip 01 ... you look at the statistics, I know you’ve seen them all, that 60, 70% of Americans have a negative view of Islam. But that is, 50% out of that 70% say they’ve never even met a Muslim. Full Interview and Transcript

Maria Pineda Interview

OBHedited_00329-150x150 Maria Pineda, University Administrator Olympia, WA, April 22, 2010 On changes in the Yakima Valley, 6:49 Maria Pineda Clip 01 ...Having walked with Cesar Chavez and doing all the work that he did for the gente and immigration and workers' rights and all that. It's just in that succession. There's still struggle. There'll always continue to be struggle. Full Interview and Transcript

Nikhil Singh Interview

Nikhil-Singh-2010 Nikhil Singh, History professor New York, New York, January 20, 2010 On Obama's first year in office, 7:20 Nikhil Singh Clip 01 I think, you know, it’s not an accident when that Senator Jim DeMint said, if we can stop him on healthcare, we’ll break him. And I have to say, I know we’re going to get to this, but there are echos of the slave driver in that, obviously, the South Carolinian, "we’ll break him." Full Interview and Transcript from 2010 Transcript from January 2009 Interview

Ricardo Levins Morales Interview

Ricardo-Levins-Morales Ricardo Levins Morales, Artist Minneapolis, Minnesota, February, 19, 2010 On Obama, 13:53 Ricardo Levins Morales Clip 01 When I looked at where power is, it to me seemed clearly it wasn’t in the White House. The things [Obama] was talking weren’t within his power to do around free trade. Full Interview and Transcript

Rosilyn Edgerton and Leonette Butler Interview

Amtrak-Group-2 Rosilyn Edgerton and Leonette Butler Amtrak from NY to Washington DC, Inauguration Eve 2009 On historical memory and the prospect of Obama's inauguration, 4:45Amtrak Group 2 Clip 01 It was a grassroots effort. It was just the everyday, working people who supported [Obama]. It’s like, how do you eat an elephant? You have to eat it one bite at a time. You can’t just gobble it down. And that’s how we did it. Transcript

Shepard and Jean Geller Interview

Shepard "Sheppie" and Jean Geller. (Because of the sensitivities attaching to Geller's work, he asked not to be photographed. He did encourage me, however, to get a shot of the awsome train set in his garage.)
Shepard "Sheppie" and Jean Geller. (Because of the sensitivities attaching to Geller's work, he asked not to be photographed. He did encourage me, however, to get a shot of the awsome train set in his garage.)
Shepard Geller, Federal Judge, and Jean Geller Gainesville, Florida, October 9, 2009 Pictured: Shepard Geller's train set On immigration, 4:56 Shepard and Jean Geller Clip 01 The thing I like about conservative ideas is, I think they're more realistic. They're not as happy and as nice and clean, simple, as the liberal ideas, but I think they work a little better. Simply because they take into account the realities of human failure and human competition. Full Interview and Transcript

Margaret Bodell Interview

Margaret-Bodell Margaret Bodell, Gallerist, Director of Project Storefronts, New Haven, Connecticut, November 18, 2010 On economic decline, urban space, and creative efforts at revitalization, 14:19 Margaret Bodell Clip 01 Being a storefront hugger, I see a storefront and I see possibilities... It has never been easy to convince a landlord to let me come in and do something creative and build a community. Full Interview

Dan Russo Interview

 Dan-Russo Dan Russo, Hedge fund manager New York, November 3, 2009 Dan Russo preferred not to be photographed On the onset, scope, and culpability of the economic crisis, 10:36 Dan Russo Clip 01Dan-RussoAnd I don’t think it’s the fact that people are bad by nature. I don’t think that at all. I just think that people are Darwinian a little bit, and they’re also self-serving, and they’re also going to protect what they’ve built. Full Interview and Transcript from 2009 Full Interview from 2011 Full Interview from 2012