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Dorothea Von Moltke and Cliff Simms Interview

Dorothea-Von-Moltke-and-Cliff-Simms Dorothea Von Moltke and Cliff Simms, Book Sellers Princeton, New Jersey, May 10, 2010 On the changing nature of book selling in the new economy, 18:28  Dorothea Von Moltke and Cliff Sims Clip 01 That is one of the roles that a bookstore still plays, is that you come across [a book], you didn't know it existed, you weren't looking for it, but you found it, and it ends up being just what you were looking for... [but then] they order it on Amazon right then and there. Full Interview

Steve Jones Interview

Dan-Russo Steve Jones, Investment Banker New York, New York, March 29, 2011 On the onset of the economic crisis, 7:19 Steve Jones Clip I think capitalism pervades government, so we just need to think of our policies in a global sense. Dollars will flow to where cheaper labor exists, lower taxes exist. That's what will happen. Full Interview and Transcript

Kathleen Toomey Interview

Kathleen-Toomey Kathleen Toomey, Car Service Dispatcher Cambridge, Massachusetts, March 9, 2011 On the counter-Tea Party protest she organized in 2010, 4:33 Kathleen Toomey Clip 01 I just started in a new office, and if I say, "hey, I did this protest against Sarah Palin," I'm almost afraid of what people are going to say, because it's almost acceptable to hate the president, when it wasn't acceptable 6 years ago. Full Interview