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Nikhil Singh Interviews Matthew Jacobson

OBHedited_00972-150x150 Nikhil Singh interviews Matthew Frye Jacobson Brooklyn College, April 3, 2012 On the philosophy behind Historian's Eye, 15:16 Jacobson-Singh Clip 01 There are so many interviews in the archive that you just hear a kind of vernacular theorizing about the world that is nothing short of brilliant, but is nothing that you're gonna hear when you click on the TV and listen to the people who were paid to make pronouncements. Raw Audio

Lonni Tanner Interview

OBHedited_01898-150x150 Lonni Tanner, Chief Change Officer, New York Dept. of Design and Construction New York, New York, March 16, 2012 On Obama, 9/11 and Occupy, 8:41 Lonni Tanner clip The hard thing for me about a consultant at all is that often times you're asked to solve problems that aren't the right problems to be solved. Full Interview and Transcript

Nick Spitzer Interview

Nick-Spitzer Nick Spitzer, Radio Journalist New Orleans, Louisiana, March 22, 2010 On New Orleans post-Katrina, 11:45 Nick Spitzer clip It comes up out of all these neighborhoods and cultures that have long been here together in pain and pleasure and there's a greater sense of unity, post-disaster, in what we can do together than I've seen in all the years I've been in Louisiana. Full Interview and Transcript

Mark Walsh Interview

Mark Walsh, PR Consultant and Bartender, New York
Mark Walsh, PR Consultant and Bartender, New York
Mark Walsh, PR Consultant and Bartender New York, New York, October 17, 2012 On increased class tension since the economic collapse Mark Walsh Clip 01 A lot of folks come in and out of the restaurant business who were laid off from real estate, laid off from Wall Street, laid off from various things, and they're not happy to be there. And there's a little bit of resentment at the folks who they see took down the structure that they were hanging onto. Full Interview

Fred Moten Interview

OBHedited_01838-150x150 Fred Moten, Poet and Professor Durham, North Carolina, March 6, 2012 On Obama, 17:40 Fred Moten Clip 01 I've just become so committed, and believe so much in a certain notion or understanding of the black radical tradition, and I believe that Obama knows something about that tradition, and I'm very, very angry with him, because I believe that he betrays this tradition. Full Interview and Transcript

Zac Fabian Interview

IMG_4319-150x150 Zac Fabian, Ice rink worker and media for OccupyCville Charlottesville, VA, December 13, 2011 On OccupyCville, 26:01 Zac Fabian Full Interview What we're doing isn't novel, it's not revolutionary. It's actually traditional. What people used to do is they used go to public spaces and have discourse. That doesn't happen anymore, and we're actually being criticized for doing it.