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Recorded by A.J. Bauer

Tea Party Prayers

Bauer_Philly_052-200x300 While Tea Party participants are often careful to stress the movement’s fiscal conservative emphasis, as opposed to highlighting social or religious issues, at rallies and meetings such categories are far more difficult to disentangle. This collection of Tea Party prayers offers several cases in point. These appeals to God range from the simple to the grandiose, but each prayer serves to complicate the Tea Party movement as a whole, laying bare some of the cultural dynamics that underlie the movement’s popular appeal. Carrollton, Texas Invocation recorded at a Carrollton Tea Party meeting, in the dining room of an International House of Pancakes near the President George Bush Turnpike in Carrollton, Texas on June 22, 2010.   Highland Park, Texas Invocation recorded at a neighborhood meeting of the Dallas Tea Party, held in the event room of a condominium tower in Highland Park, Texas on July 6, 2010.   Ft. Worth, Texas Invocation recorded at a meeting of the Ft. Worth 9/12 Project group, held after-hours in the workroom of a local auto parts business in Ft. Worth, Texas on July 12, 2010.   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Call to prayer recorded at the UNI-TEA Rally, held by the Independence Hall Tea Party Association on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 31, 2010.   Washington, D.C. Invocation and benediction recorded at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally, held at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on August 28, 2010. Invocation Benediction All recordings conducted by A.J. Bauer.

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